About Miguel Adam

My Story

First of all, I would like to welcome you to the site! I am so excited for you to be here today because you, my friend, are one step closer to freedom! Let me start by telling you that I am no different than any of you out there. I come from a military background where discipline and order were extremely important and in order to lead, you had to serve first…

I joined the Navy because I wanted to travel all around the world and I wanted new challenges in my life. I was dared at high school that I was too much of a wimp to succeed in the military, or in anything else! I took that challenge and I conquered it! Sometimes, a kick in the butt is all we need to keep moving forward…

Not so long ago, I realized that my life was passing by as I was always gone from home. I couldn’t start a family, couldn’t have a solid relationship, and I was living so far away from my family that I would see them only twice a year! They were growing older, and I wasn’t there to support them when they needed me the most.

So I started to look for a way out. I realized that the freedom I was looking for kept me away from the things I loved and wanted the most. I tried selling products on eBay, looking for new products to sell, and bought multiple turnkey websites trying to sell affiliate products but without any results. I lost over $30,000 on the Internet but I didn’t want to give up because I knew there was a way to generate income online.

What is My Online Business Empire

I joined a couple of network marketing companies but they were telling me to go out there and come up with a list of 100 people, starting with my friends and family because apparently they would say yes to anything I would ask them as a favor…NOT! Nobody from my family decided to join any of my businesses. Most of the time, they would make fun of me, or try to tell me to quit. They tried to convince me that I would never make any money on the Internet because everything that would give you money is a “scam”…

I didn’t want to give up because I still believed that wealth could be created from the Internet. I just didn’t know what to look for or where to look. One day, I heard about this new business making it easy for people just starting online. This company has done everything for its affiliate. From the technical part of doing lead capture pages, to the traffic landing to your page, to the sales funnel your leads would go through, to the sales conversion, it made it almost hands-free for us. I decided to join because the business would give me US$500 if I didn’t make a dime after 30 days, and guess what? They didn’t give me that US$500 because I ended making double that!

This free video will transform the way you think about making money online. It will bring you hope, and you will finally realize that quitting your day job isn’t just a fairy tale! The team I have are cranking it up because I tell them what to do and the steps inside of this program tell them what they need to do in order to be successful. I also have a free trip paid for every year down to exotic location that I could only dream of couple years ago. If you are ready to take action with your future, get in touch with me on Skype: daydreamerover and let me take you to the next level.

I hope what you will find on this website will meet your expectations and that you will get to know me as I would like to get to know you. To your success, my friend!