About Miguel Adam

Who is Miguel?

I joined the Navy because I wanted to travel all around the world and I wanted new challenges in my life. I was dared at high school that I was too much of a wimp to succeed in the military, or in anything else! I took that challenge and I conquered it! Sometimes, a kick in the butt is all we need to keep moving forward…

So I did 15 years in the military starting with basic training and making my way up through the ranks. When you serve in the military, you get to learn about discipline, punctuality which means being on time and one of the worst things I hate the most is to wait for someone or something. I was blessed to have met many great people, made lots of friends, learned English, met many gorgeous ladies although none of them were able to conquer my heart yet… I have met really great people with a great heart and many of them who are still supporting veterans and active members.

One of my great friend Debbi has always been supporting the military and made a great website where you can get yourself some military support gears.

By the way, her site is called Delta Foxtrot and you can access her site here: http://www.deltafoxtrot.ca/

Here are a few pictures…

Life While at Sea

Life at sea can be very interesting if you love traveling around the world and see new places, but the hardest thing is that you have to function and operate effectively despite all the sea state and the sea sickness motion…

I have been around the world and seen different cultures. From Iceland to South-Africa, I have experienced different weather conditions. I have crossed many storms at sea and some of them made me wonder if I would ever come out alive in the end.

One of the worst storms I have come across was the Pacific Ocean storm in 2006 as we were heading down to Pearl Harbour. The video below will show you a glimpse of what it looked like. I did not sleep for a few days as I was trying to keep balance in my rack.


Life at Sea