motorcycle accident

I Almost Died this Weekend!


I am NOT Kidding, I almost died last weekend! I was coming back home Saturday Night on my motorcycle through a green light, another car came out of nowhere on the other direction of the road in a RED traffic light. I just had the time to speed up faster in order to stay alive!

Life is so unpredictable! Here I was there having a blast, and next thing you know, I saw my life passing before my eyes! I started thinking about what would have happened if I would have died that night. My parents, my lovely girlfriend…All the people I love the most which I would leave behind…

Your passions are the only reasons why you work, why you wake up everyday to endure another day at work. I think it is important to find a way for you to stick around those you love in life because they provide you values within your life. They give you love, attention, and becomes your WHYs…

What we don`t seem to realize is time is passing by and your life is racing forward even when you seem not to be ready! You need to stop today and take action on your future. If you don`t do this, you will be like the rest of the world out there… Which means racing your way to work and getting stuck in a traffic zone on your way home.

Take Actions today!

You deserve to be love, so why racing to go work for a stranger when you can work with your loved ones to make your life…a better one? 🙂

I am so looking forward to hear from you guys cause I want to get to know your passions. Give me a shout guys!

Miguel Adam