business process improvement

Business Process Improvement


How to Increase Business Productivity

matrixBusiness process improvement is a vital business management practice. Businesses are dependent on their workers, their skills and capabilities; as well as the processes they utilize and the way they implement the processes. These mean that organizations can boost their performance by improving the employees and the processes. Businesses are always changing the way they do things in response to various factors related to the daily operations. 


Business process improvement seems complex due to the methods and terminologies used, but the truth is that it is easy to understand and can help online business owners improve their performance.    

In order to come up with a good business process improvement strategy, businesses must first know the purpose of the process, which is a series of actions they take to reach a goal. The goal in the end must be clear. The process is for nothing if there’s no goal. It will be hard for a business to come up with a great product if they don’t have something to aim for.  

Customers can determine whether the current process of the company is meeting its purpose. The customer is the person you are working for and the one who is paying for the product or service.  

Businesses must also determine whether their customers are happy or not. The process doesn’t need to be improved if the needs of the customers are satisfied. Business process improvement must be implemented when a company needs to make it better. 

Most businesses don’t focus on the needs of the paying customers as long as they are paying. Most of them focus on the wants of their managers or stakeholders, and they optimize for the wrong reasons.  

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Business process improvement tries to bring the focus of the processes towards providing customers what they need and pay for. Businesses sometimes find it hard to focus their attention on the customers instead of the managers and shareholders. Workers might also resist business process improvement because they fear layoffs.  

When processes don’t work, they lead to several problems such as complaints from customers about poor service or product quality; redundant work or not done at all; increase in operating costs; frustrations in the workplace; and wasted resources. This is why there is a need to improve processes that are not efficient and effective. Business process improvement will greatly bolster the production and efficiency of the business.  

A successful business process improvement will result to the commitment of management and senior leaders of the companies to see the effective implementation of the project; a clear goal of why change is needed; a plan of how the company will implement the changes; and a willingness of those involved to support the changes.

Author Miguel Adam
Independant Business Owner for M.O.B.E