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Best Free Website Maker Available

If you’re trying to build a website by yourself, you’re going to have to know a lot of technical programming language of various kinds in order to get the professional look that you’re going for. Alternatively, you could use a free website maker to do all of the work for you in taking care of graphics, layouts, and the placements of widgets on your website. But if you’re not sure what kind of free website maker to use, here are a few that are available to first-time users or to those who are interested in seeing what their layouts will look like without having to move around a lot of code.

Free Website Maker: CoffeeCup

CoffeeCup comes with a free HTML editor that allows you access to a few of its tools, such as a CSS menu design and FTP upload. It’s very useful for beginners that are just trying to figure out the best layout and want to model their website after an existing one. Any open web link can be opened straight into the editor and tweaked with in order to add one’s content. It’s a very helpful free website maker that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Free Website maker: PageBreeze

If you’re in to create something very simple, but you don’t mind using something a little outdated, then PageBreeze is for you. The technology that it’s based on is a little behind the times and is short on a few features, but it’s a good first start for those who aren’t interested in creating anything flash. This free website maker can show you how to add links, images, and tables, and even provides a built-in FTP client that has your website online in no time – a very useful tool for a novice in the field.

Free Website Maker: Firebug

Your website is up but it doesn’t look or work the way you want it to. Firebug is an extension of Firefox that helps you view the CSS code and HTML of your website so that you can adjust it to your parameters. What’s useful is that the results are seen instantly, so there’s no reloading after each alteration in order to see what changes are taking effect. This free website maker is useful for both beginners and web experts alike.

Free Website Maker: Brackets

If you’re interested in using open source software, then Brackets is for you. It is capable of HTML, CSS and Javascript, and was created by Adobe to help just about anyone with building their website. It avoids cluttering your computer with toolbars and icons, making it easy for you to see what you’re doing without having to find what you’re looking for. The live preview function of this free website maker also makes it easy for you to see the changes being made without you having to refresh your browser each time.

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