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Don’t Paint Your House Before You Build it!

Not for sure if you’ve ever been involved in having a house built before, but it can be pretty stressful… And there’s a LOT of details that go into it!

…Finding a great Architect.
…Buying land.
…Hiring and managing contractors.
…Closing on the loan.
…Choosing an interior decorator.
…And on it goes.

The whole process can involve a lot of ‘hair-pulling’ moments.
Could you imagine however, before land has been purchased, before any building has started, before anything serious at all has been done…The new happy little home builder puts on those fancy white painter pants, heads to their local paint store, and starts loading up on all the paint and decor for their home… You’d think they were a little crazy wouldn’t you?…At the very minimum, you’d think they didn’t know what they were doing, that they didn’t know the right *process*. You don’t paint your house before you build it right?!    Right.

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Yet, I see people in our little world of constructing and building up online businesses do this every single day…They focus on every new little gadget, plugin, and software that promises to do something ‘revolutionary’. They over focus on design, learning about little traffic and marketing ‘hacks’ and so forth…They’re all into social media, building up a fanpage, growing their Twitter following!…In essence, many are painting their homes before it’s even been built!.Where the real focus SHOULD be on building the Foundation of your business, one that will be profitable for years to come And…

If you start things off right? You’ll avoid years of struggle, endless headaches, and your business will be much more likely to be a lucrative one. Now, when most go in all gung ho doing the fun, surface stuff to their business, instead of starting with the Foundation…They always miss one of the most important building blocks of an online business. High Ticket, lucrative back-end sales!…Inside of MTTB, the focus is first on building you up a firm Foundation to grow a real, profitable business on…Then, we start getting you big commissions from $1000 to $5,000! And all that other purdy stuff will come later, if indeed it’s something you actually NEED in your business…You can get access to the most powerful business building system online by Click Here

Author Miguel Adam