shot glass

Do You “Lagniappe”?


In Lousiana there is a term called “lagniappe”…It’s still very popular there. And you and I should be doing this too…Basically it’s derived from an old term, yapay, which means to increase, or to add. A little something EXTRA. So for instance, if you’re in the downtown district of Louisiana and you get a shot of Whisky, the bartender fills your cup up ‘to the rim’ with this fine nectar. That’s lagniappe.

You order a dozen hot, fresh glazed donuts. In your box is 13. That’s lagniappe. You buy a bushel of tomatoes from a vendor on the street, and they throw in a bunch of cilantro. That’s lagniappe. When you’re running your online business, you should always strive to give your prospects and customers lagniappe. A little bit more.

Going the extra mile. Don’t do this just for the money. Provide a service that’s unmatched by anyone else. Give your best, and then a little bit more. Be PROUD of what you do…Move mountains for others and they’ll move mountains for you. Yep. Lagniappe baby!

P.S. Lagniappe is what I see members of MTTB getting. That’s why you not only get world-class training and support, but also a coach -and another traffic coach, and ton’s of value-added bonuses…And that’s just the beginning of what you’ll get inside…