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The Ugly Marketing Illusion…


online marketingGot a favorite ‘Reality Show’ that you really like? Well, according to a script writer for many of these popular shows, most of it’s all- Fake. I know, I know right?… Next they’ll be telling us that Wrestling isn’t real!…So here’s how it works, T.V. producers take this one star person or family, and then they build the whole show around them. The odd situations they always seem to ‘magically’ find themselves in… Their quirky friends that always show up at ‘just’ the right time…The non-stop drama and so forth that’s all too common to reality t.v…. It’s ALL set-up on the back-end from directors and writers.

And what you’re presented with is everything neatly wrapped into a hit reality show. A reality show that aims to make lives like ours seem humdrum and boring… It’s ALL an illusion. Smoke and Mirrors. Most of us know this right? Still, it’s just good entertainment at times, which is fine if you’re into that type of stuff… What many people don’t realize is that business is very much the same way. Especially internet businesses! You see the picture of their business and lifestyle the way THEY want you to see it. Smoke and Mirrors…And what this boils down to for the most part is an entire industry here that promotes things like building up a list, creating and selling products and so forth…

All of which they say you need to do in order to make any profit online…Now none of that is necessarily bad, yet the real profits, the bulk of their profits that they’re NOT telling you about is coming from back-end sales. Having a back-end list of customers that will buy lucrative products all the way from $2,000-$26,000 is THE KEY to a lucrative online business…It’s just that it’s mostly hidden from the limelight ‘cuz they don’t want to share the profits with you. Entering the world of high ticket/top tier opportunities will be the biggest discovery you’ve ever come across in this business…

Especially when you’re getting a huge cut of these profits, just as many students of MTTB are right now.

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Miguel Adam

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