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If you have just started a new online business and are currently looking for lead generation, be aware that you could be ending spending much more money than you should be! Lead generation that you buy is cold, dead, and not relevant to your business so stop using that kind of service. It only causes more damages than good for your business…

Many MLM businesses out there are still working with the old ways of marketing. This is very bad for your business. When you build a house, you need a strong foundation in order to support the house you are living in. If someone joins you because you are his or her friend, or simply because you are family, they do not join for the same values as you. They won’t be interested in working their business, because they never wanted to do this. Trust me; I love my parents and my friends dearly, but at the end of the day,  I must respect their decisions.

On the other end, you need someone that shares the same beliefs as you. The first thing to ask yourself is how did you join your business? Did someone force you to join, or you simply researched a specific keyword to find what you were looking for? Google is usually one of the place I would go to find what I am looking for. That’s the kind of team you are looking for! They are eager to succeed just like you, and are simply waiting for a great offer to join, and trust me, they are out there on the internet looking right now…

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Another thing you must be aware of, is that your future teammate is just like you. For example, I hate being pressured to join anything until I have done my own research. If you put pressure on your prospects, they will run away from you! You need to practice attractive marketing. Attractive marketing is the most effective way to approach someone regarding any products or services. If you can provide me a solution to my problem, and give me the right tools I need, I will most likely join your team because you did not try to sell me anything.

If you are into Network Marketing, it means that your business is people, meaning your products are not the priorities, the people is your priority for now on. You need to pay attention to your customers or prospects, you need to meet them once in a while, because they need to know that if they need help, you will be there for them. You can meet people in different ways. You can meet them face to face during presentations, meetings, seminars, or you can simply meet them using some internet tools like Skype, Facebook video chat, and online webinars.

To make this story short for you, I strongly encourage you to post blogs, and videos on the internet. People do not join strangers, they join friends, someone they can relate to, and most of all, someone who can help them. I truly hope that this blog has helped you, and you can always reach me at anytime. I am a social butterfly so PM me, and let’s keep in touched!

To Your Success!

Author Miguel Adam


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