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NEWBIE “with No List” Retires After 4 Months – My Advertising Pays Review


I want to give out a MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS & WELL DONE to someone who has achieve an incredible leadership level with (MAPS) Just so you know Peter Lea is NO GURU! PETER LEA IS A TOTAL NEWBIE in Internet Marketing & Making MONEY Online. He made it with…


NO Facebook Marketing

NO Video Marketing

NO Social Media Marketing

NO Offline Marketing

NO Massive MONEY

NO Autoresponder

My Advertising Pays LCC

Still Peter does NOT have a list or an AUTORESPONDER Peter did it because of this, he BELIEVED he could do it. I repeat…Peter did it because he BELIEVED he could do it. Peter BELIEVED in the MAPS Opportunity. Peter BELIEVED in his sponsor & was COACHABLE. Peter Recognised a GOLD MINE of an opportunity. Peter, took MASSIVE DAILY NON Stop ACTION! (And STILL DONE) Peter simply did this…

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He BOUGHT MORE! More than ANYBODY ELSE Peter is such an incredible story, because he’s a total newbie. For those that know me, they know I never ever fail, its expected of me. I am & have a lot of experience. I have a list, knowledge, skills, credibility, etc etc. That counts for a LOT. However…Peter Lea though is NEW. Seriously if Peter can do this then so CAN ANYONE! INCLUDING YOU!!!!! NO EXCUSES!

Peter is a total NEWBIE & after myself he has just reached the incredible level of just purchasing his 1,200 Credit Pack TODAY with MAPS So here is a guy I met just over 4 months ago who replied to my ad about how you can make $1,000+ a day online. So let me give you the FACTS & TRUTH. First Peter has just SMASHED 1,200 Credit Packs with MAPS. He’s a MASSIVE ADDICT. Now to a newbie reading this so what?

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What does this mean? Well first you have to understand MAPS, get back to me. However please let me give you a WARNING MAPS IS HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. SERIOUSLY YOU WONT SLEEP! So for all those out there who KNOW what MAPS is. Here’s the facts…Well Peter FIRST joined me with another online affiliate opportunity, (a great company) however like nearly all other online opportunities if you don’t make a sale, recruit or sponsor then you DONT MAKE MONEY. So for a total NEWBIE it can be HARD. FACT is over 95% of NEWBIES people FAIL online. Now think about this, what if there was an opportunity where the NEWBIE made MONEY from day ONE doing a simple task like clicking a mouse OR touching a smart phone? Well, now imagine if that opportunity paid you even MORE MONEY if after getting a result you decided to promote this? Well that company IS MyAdvertisingPays (MAPS for short)

THIS IS THE FUTURE OF MAKING MONEY ONLINE. Well back to Peter, he FAILED & FAILED & FAILED with this other opportunity for over 2 months never even making a single $25 sale. This OTHER company he had also invested over $5,000 of his hard earned MONEY PLUS OVER 2 months of his time. Where if you can make two $25 sales a day you can make serious money (Over 10K a month) Now don’t get me wrong this other opportunity is truly brilliant I LOVE it & STILL DO, however facts are facts, if you don’t make a sale or recruit or sponsor you don’t make ANY MONEY.

Well Peter, joined me with that other opportunity, and nearly quit! Thank GOD he never did. Peter used to call me almost every other day, asking SIMON what should I do? I kept coaching him to keep grinding. He did, he did it with INCREDIBLE Discipline & enthusiasm. Peter, you ARE such an INSPIRATION & an ADDICT! Anyway, when I first joined maps, Peter called me saying Simon, here is an update, I said Peter, STOP & LISTEN, I’ve just hit on this incredible way for you to get HIGHLY targeted TRAFFIC to your website & MAKE MONEY FROM DAY ONE called MyAdvertisingPays.

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I spent 10 mins on the phone explaining the basics to him, & he JOINED WITHOUT any questions & without ANY CONVINCING, he TRUSTED in me & what I was saying & IMMEDIATELY THE SAME DAY purchased 20 Credit Packs. (yes its hassle HOWEVER HE DID IT!) The SAME day he got his 20 credit packs he clicked his 10 ads (5 mins) & made his first EVER MONEY online.

Not a Fortune, however he made his FIRST $ & was EXCITED! It was like an INJECTION IN THE ARM!Peter was an ADDICT A MAPS MONEY MAKING ADDICT PETER WAS ADDICTED TO SUCCESS PETER WAS & IS MAKING MONEY 7 DAYS A WEEK Next day he again clicked his 10 ads & MADE MONEY. Next day he bought another 20 Credit Packs (he was an ADDICT TO SUCCESS)Next day he clicked his 10 ads & guess what? YES he made even MORE MONEY. Next day, He called me and said… Excuse my French SIMON, “Fxxk me SIMON this is MIND BLOWING!” Like me the LIGHT SWITCHED ON! (HIS ADDICTION WAS GROWING)

He was incredibly EXCITED & ADDICTED & bought another 20 Credit Packs! Next day he clicked his 10 ads & guess what? YES he made even MORE MONEY. HIS MAPS ADDICTION WAS OVER TAKING HIS LIFE! HE COULD NOT SLEEP! HE COULD NOT GET ENOUGH CREDIT PACKS!!! Next day he bought ANOTHER 20 Credit Packs. He was up to 80 Packs. ANd his ADDICTION KEPT GROWING EVEN MORE! Not only that he was sponsoring others!! Next day he called me & said SIMON I’m rearranging a few of my finances & buying 300 Credit Packs. This ADDICT was OBSESSED with CREDIT PACKS & BUYING MORE! Seriously I could NOT stop him & NO ONE Could STOP HIM!

my advertising pays review

He was simple ADDICITED TO SUCCESS UNSTOPPABLE And ALWAYS WILL BE. Now I can tell you this a lot of people talk the talk however few walk the walk, well Peter to his word bought another 300 credit packs ($15,000) just like that. I did tell you MAPS & these Credit Packs are HIGHLY ADDICTIVE didn’t I? So he was now at 380 Credit Packs, (and his ADDICTION was growing even stronger) not only that, he was ATTRACTING SERIOUS ATTENTION from other TOP EXPERIENCED MARKETERS because of his ADDICTED COMMITMENT. I can tell you this, just because of his ADDICTION & COMMITMENT MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

He was & still is sponsoring people ALL day & ALL night long. He sponsored many members now, & one member who came in with 300 credit packs then a week later bought another 300 Credit packs & is now on over 700 credit packs. Yes there also ADDICTED TO CREDIT PACKS TOO! WHY? Because Credit Packs MAKE YOU MONEY 24/7 MORE MONEY THAN YOU EVER IMAGINED! Peter Now has achieve his GOAL of reaching 1,200 credit packs, and is now in the LIFE changing position where he has to WITHDRAW his daily earnings. All this in just over 4 months. WOW!

However the ADDICTION is still stronger than ever as you want to MAINTAIN the ADDICTION. And obviously you do. A GREAT Leader & a GREAT INSPIRATION & STORY that has not only inspired me but also all the MILLIONS of newbies who have FAILED & FAILED & FAILED. So guys reading this…its time to STOP the excuses, that I can’t do this as I have NO LIST, or NO Knowledge, NO Experience, or Im a NEWBIE. If Peter Lea can do this then SO CAN YOU. Lets all raise out glasses to Peter Lea.

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