La Voix 5

Émission La Voix | Louis-Paul Gauvreau | Stabwound

Plus de Heavy Métal à l’émission la voix? Je suis sur certain que vous vous souvenez tous de notre valeureux Louis-Paul Gauvrau à l’émission La Voix en 2017? Voici la vidéo qui avait faite jaser partout sur Facebook et autres réseaux sociaux.   Ce que je trouve drôle dans tout ça c’est que la plupart des gens qui vont…

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Easy Dessert Recipes

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winter in quebec

My Winter in Quebec, Canada February 2018

I wanted to share with you this quick video on what winter looks like in beautiful Quebec, Canada This is not like Hawaii, USA where you get to work on your suntanning going on lol…   This video was taken yesterday as we were going to visit my little sister.  I wanted to take the…

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What is a Business Development & Why is it Stagnant?

What is a business development? Strategies for lead generation and internet marketing are constantly evolving. You might have been trying certain strategies which have been touted as effective for driving traffic to your online business, but find that they’re not working as well for you as others claim they do for them. What is a…

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Snapchat MAP | Safe or Dangerous?

The New SnapMap That is Shocking the World Snapchat Map is a brand new feature which allow your friends or stranger to find you anywhere you are in the world! The problem with this new Snapchat addition is that it breaks all the privacy you may have from your own device. The worst thing is that…

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how to use snapchat

What’s a Snapchat & How to Get Started

Technology keeps evolving on daily basis and if you are someone like many others who are asking yourself “what’s a Snapchat & how can I get started” well my friend, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Snapchat is a mobile messaging service from Snap Inc. that sends pictures or videos to friends or families that lasts only…

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how to spam an email

How to Spam an Email

Let’s start right off the bat and make it very clear that we are not encouraging you to spam your customers or trap people with clickbait or how to spam an email . Those tactics don’t work out well for anyone. That being said, there are a few “spammy” website tricks that can help boost conversions.…

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How to Press Release | 4 Easy Steps

Press releases provide an additional solution for building backlinks, increasing online exposure, and gaining web traffic. Though, if your press release doesn’t deliver the right message, it won’t be effective. A press release isn’t the same as a blog post or sales page. You need to pay attention to a few important details. Here’s some…

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passive income ideas techniques to apply

Passive Income Ideas

Today, I would like to share with you some passive income ideas that could not only help change your life, but the life of everyone around you. There are many residual income formula you can apply to your portfolio, but you must first target what is more important to you… captal gain or cash flow. Many people…

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internet business ideas

How to Start Online Business

In this video, you will discover the key element that you will need on How to Start Online Business Effectively & where to get started. In is important to grasp as much as information as you can within this video as you are about to invest in a different world which is the Online World.…

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