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I had the chance to take a nice motorcycle ride today in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia (Canada). It was so pretty outside that me and my girlfriend decided to go on a scenery ride, and had the chance to take a couple of great pictures for you guys!

I wanted to talk about the importance of having front end products for your business. Front end products will attract potential clients or prospects to your door! Let’s take a look for example at the McDonald franchises. Before supper time, you turn on the TV and see a very tasty dollar burger from a McDonald commercial. You can’t resist of this awesome offer! You take your car and go straight at the nearest McDonald…

Once you get in the place, you can smell the cheeseburger which you buy without a second thought. Once you bought that burger, the cashier ask you “Would you like that super sized?” This strategy has been working for so many years! They attract potential buyers to step in their store, and once you get the front end product, they will expose their back end products!

Front end products will get your customers through your doors. This front end product will help your funding proposal! A part of your marketing expenses will be covered by your front end product. Once you have buyers in your store (sales funnel), you then expose your back end products which will bring you pure profit and a full time income that will allow you to get out of your full time job 😉

My 21 steps system shows you exactly how to promote your already made front end products. Start generating $1,000, $3,000 and $5,000 per single sales!


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Oak Bay, BC