The Manager Quiz

The Manager X-Ray Quiz 


  1. How long have you been in your current job?
  2. How long have you been in your current organization?
  3. How many hours a week do you work?
  4. Do you compile “to-do” lists?
  5. Do you love your work? Do you “tap-dance” your way to the office?
  6. Is there too little time to finish everything you want to get done?
  7. Have you been promoted rapidly in your career so far?
  8. Do you like your boss and are they helpful to you?
  9. Same question for your boss’s boss.
  10. Do you have valuable insights into your work that your colleagues do not?
  11. Are you often stressed or tense at work?
  12. Can you think of another job or career that you would rather have?
  13. Do you talk to customers every week or nearly every week?
  14. Are you pursuing a simple strategy that is working well for your unit?
  15. Do you have one or more great mentors?
  16. Do you regularly lunch with different acquaintances outside the firm?


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