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The Use of Top Advertising Agencies


The advertising world has changed dramatically from what it used to be. Madison Avenue firms are no longer in control of the advertising market, and finding top advertising agencies is no longer done behind closed boardroom doors. Technology has definitely opened up the market, making it much more accessible to smaller companies who need the means to get their businesses off the ground. Experiential marketing and social media have taken the advertising market by storm and are now crucial to the success of any business.

Even the smallest of start-up companies must rely on their own abilities for their in-house advertising and marketing needs. This can be a struggle that requires a lot of dedication, time and money to ensure that it is going well. That is why having a partnership with an advertising agency can be a valuable and often unavoidable step in the growth process of your business.

Here are some of the top advertising agencies to consider for the benefit of your MLM business.


DataXu develops a software platform that possesses a simple user interface that makes it easy for even the first-time business owner to use. Marketers are given the ability to harness large amounts of data and use real-time decision technology to enhance their experiences in their digital campaigns to garner attention from the market. Developed by MIT scientists, DataXu is an ad agency you can trust.

Emerge Digital Group

Emerge is a digital marketing company with major offices in Australia, the United Kingdom and North America. Their services allow Web and mobile publishers to increase their web traffic and profit from their content.


AdRoll is an online retargeting platform that is dedicated to advertisements. It has connections to over 3,500 top advertising agencies in the world, making it a great place for small businesses to start when looking for the means to branch out their company.


BlueKai offers a SaaS platform for data management and analytics system that makes it easy for even small companies to activate largest amount of data on its marketing targets. Consumer awareness and opt-out programs can be adopted at any industry level so that MLM business owners are only getting exactly what they pay for.


Trada is the leading creator of a crowd-sourced, advertising services marketplace, making it easy for advertising experts to work together in creating paid search campaigns that garner the most attention for business owners. This approach of crowd-sourcing makes these campaigns accessible to companies of any size, and access to the knowledge of experts can make it easier to increase the diversity of thinking and the level of attention to detail.


Sailthru provides data technology that provides the aid marketers need to engage with customers. Data is collected on their potential customers’ needs and helps marketers understand and predict the behavior on the Internet. This provides unique, highly personalized experiences that can be used to help even the smallest of businesses grow.

Simply deciding that you need help from the top advertising agencies doesn’t mean that everything will be unfolded for you in a matter of minutes. Despite the fact that the agencies bear the responsibility of winning customers for your business, a large part of the process, such as deciding on the best advertising options or choosing the appropriate agencies for your business, is still your burden to bear. Even the top advertising agencies can’t help you if you don’t carry your share of the work.

Deciding to work with any of the top advertising agencies should not be an impulse decision to make. It should be a strategic decision that is made with all of the facts in mind; the agency you pick should be reliable and meet the needs of your company. The agency will be an extension of the business for years to come, so the relationship should be one of long-standing trust and assurances.

Hiring an advertising agency should never be considered the end-all and be-all solution to your problem. Many businesses have relied on in-house talents to promote their brand and draw the customer traffic that they need. You should carefully consider the time and money that will have to be dedicated to such a partnership with top advertising agencies, and whether your team already possesses the necessary skills to take care of your advertising needs on your own.

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Author Miguel Adam

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