Miguel Adam

Focus on Your “Why”… Not Money!


Justify Your Reasons… “Why?”

Network Marketing can be very tough!  The only thing that seperates the crowd from success is simply persistance…The desire to become “FREE” from the Rat Race and to live your life on your own terms can be very appealing. Despite the fame and glory of some lucky individuals, it is important to keep our feet on the ground. Successful people didn’t create their success overnight! Behind the money, the big houses and the expensive cars, they were all struggling once.

The first thing you need to identify is “WHY” are you looking for “Online Business Opportunities“, or why are you looking to be successful on the internet? Most people would reply “MONEY” but the word money is simply irrational…You need to look behind the Benjamins! Is it because you are tired of getting stucked in traffic in the morning on your way to work? Or maybe it’s because you want to retire so you can raise your child instead of a stranger?! No matter what it is, you need to take a picture of what or who makes you want to be alive and have fun in the years to come…

It needs to be a picture, or something similar. Something that you can post near your laptop when you are working at night after your long day at work. To push things further… who or what makes you laugh, cry, gives you an adrenaline rush to your brain? lol Life is great when you can enjoy it! What is the purpose in working for 40 years and struggle to survive for another 40 years with 40% of what you were use to make being trapped at work?

You know what you have to do! You are already looking to improve your life which is awesome! In order to work hard for your money, start having “your money working hard for you!” Focus your mind on your “WHY” and not the money! Money is a currency and is unpredictable, but your passion will never die. Work hard for your future, so you can play hard with life!

Author Miguel Adam